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Direct primary care (DPC) is a unique medicine model that allows patients a more personalized experience without the limitations of health insurance. Called subscription-based healthcare by some, direct care pediatric medicine allows Dr. Husain to offer same-day appointments, house calls, and inclusive access to advice day or night. This model of care is without a doubt higher quality at a more affordable cost than many other options. 

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Dr. Husain believes our children deserve the best and that pediatricians are integral in helping parents and families raise a healthy future generation. She embraces the direct primary care model, which fosters the physician-patient relationship, emphasizing personalized care without the constraints of health insurance. Dr. Husain is personally committed to delivering meaningful, high-quality care to her patients.

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Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP is a board-certified pediatrician who is truly passionate about her job. As a daughter of two physicians, Dr. Husain saw first-hand the dedication, hard work, and passion the field of medicine demands. From early on in her path to becoming a physician, she knew she wanted to work with children just like her own mother who is a pediatrician in her hometown. Dr. Husain is fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American Academy of Breastfeeding, serving the community as a lactation consultant.

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"I never knew a pediatrician could do home visits! As a new mother, this was such an amazing service. After coming home from the hospital, it was so nice to have Dr. Husain come to us! She was thorough and took her time answering all of our questions and never got frustrated"



"Outstanding experience! When my daughter doesn't want to LEAVE the doctor's office, you know they are doing something right. THIS is the way medicine should be done."



"This is an incredible and innovative approach to pediatrics! Dr. Husain spends as much time as we need with her. We can reach her easily with questions, which is so important for a new mom! We loved her personalized classes that gave us some peace of mind and can't reccomend her enough!!"



"Personalized and efficient care, I'm so glad she came to our area. She taught me a lot about breastfeeding, nutrition, and just a more personable approach to our family. This doctor has an impressive CV with training at famous places, but she's approachable and down-to-earth, put me at ease right way."



"Dr. Amna Husain is an amazing pediatrician! She is thorough, very patient, understanding with families and has an amazing bedside manner. She is respectful of my values and I would trust her opinion on every aspect of my child’s care. During the visits she will answer all questions without making one feel rushed. I highly recommend this practice!"




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At Pure Direct Pediatrics, our goal is to provide outstanding service and care for our young patients in Marlboro, NJ. If you have a question about direct care medicine or any of our pediatric services, contact Pure Direct Pediatrics for more information.


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