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Why does my child cough more at night? Cough Q&A

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 03/15/2023

Learn more about why your child coughs more at night.


5 Reasons Why Kids Wet The Bed

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 11/21/2022

I recommend splitting daytime and nighttime to make it easier for parents, especially as nighttime potty training is often achieved at a later age.


Handling Back to School Concerns Amidst COVID-19, Monkeypox, and Polio

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 09/06/2022

This school year, with COVID-19, Monkeypox, and confirmed cases of Polio in NY state, cautious behavior is still important.


Burping 101

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 08/03/2022

Burping a newborn can seem daunting especially if you’re worried about spit ups, the best way to hold baby, when to burp… The list goes on!


Vaccine Under 5 Q&A

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 07/07/2022

Read Dr. Husain's thoughts on some of the most popular questions regarding vaccinating children under 5 against COVID-19.


Getting Through A Formula Shortage

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 05/25/2022

Dr. Husain answers your questions about what to do in a Formula shortage.


A Pediatrician's Guide on Sunscreen

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 04/25/2022

Dr. Husain discusses some commonly-asked questions regarding sunscreen for children.


Thoughts on Gentle Parenting

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 04/07/2022

Discussing gentle vs positive parenting.


Importance of Routine for Children During the Pandemic

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 03/04/2022

When it comes to children there is no doubt that a steady routine is vital to their well-being, mentally and physically.


Help! My Toddler Started Lying

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 02/03/2022

Toddlers may lie for many reasons including for attention, for laughs, or even for no reason at all. Learn more!


Looking for a 'Pediatrician Near Me?' Nothing Closer than a Home Visit!

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 01/10/2022

There is no place closer to your home, than in home pediatric care. Discover why we offer in home pediatric care.


Navigating the Holidays Safely During COVID-19

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 12/15/2021

While many adults are fully vaccinated, be sure to keep in mind that not all children are eligible or are still in the COVID vaccination process.


Can Your Baby Eat Turkey This Thanksgiving?

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 11/23/2021

As we all prepare to kick off the holiday season you may be wondering if your baby can partake in the turkey day festivities.


Managing Your Child's Eczema

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 10/28/2021

Early diagnosis is vital to prevent progression of eczema to other atopic diseases. Learn more about how eczema flares up and how to help your child.


Tips for Trick-or-Treating with Food Allergies

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 10/27/2021

Reviewing some tips before events like trick or treating safely to continue to keep your child aware of the right and safe things they can eat.


Help! My Baby Won't Sleep!

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 09/29/2021

What should I do if my baby will not fall asleep?


FAQs About the Flu Shot

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 09/02/2021

Should I get my child vaccinated against the flu? Well, first let's revisit the flu and discuss what it is.


Does Your Child Really Need the COVID Vaccine?

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 05/24/2021

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the role of children in community immunity, safety of the vaccine, and risks of not vaccinating our children.


How to Prepare Your Child to Become a Sibling

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 04/29/2021

Expecting a new little one can be exciting but also a little nerve-racking if you’re trying to prepare baby’s older sibling.


What's the Deal with Clogged Ducts?

Syeda Amna Husain, M.D., FAAP | 02/03/2021

Clogged Milk Ducts Frequently Asked Questions


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