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Frequently Asked Questions | Concierge Pediatrician | Marlboro, NJ



Is a DPC model necessary for a healthy child?


At Pure Direct Pediatrics, we aim to provide more than just a once-a-year well checkup. Even if your child is healthy, we strive to keep them that way by providing a wellness plan, which revolves around exercise, nutrition, and overall well-being. We prefer the approach to be proactive instead of reactive with healthcare treatment plans.


How do I join the practice?

Dr. Husain personally speaks with all prospective families prior to signing up. This complimentary consultation provides an opportunity for both parties to determine if they will be a good fit for one another. Dr. Husain feels that parents should be able to have a strong relationship with their child’s physician based on trust and openness.


How do I pay membership?

Membership fees are charged to your bank account, credit, or debit card. You can pay as a recurring monthly payment or annually with a 5% discount offered. Monthly payments are charged on the 15th of every month. You may also use your FSA to pay for a membership, but we recommend you consult with your CPA or employee benefits manager to confirm this.


Can membership be canceled?

Yes, membership can be canceled at any time provided a 30-day notice is given. However, a 3-month initial commitment is required when first joining the practice. Shorter cancellation notices will be considered on a case-by-case basis for extenuating circumstances. If you decide to leave Pure Direct Pediatrics for any reason, there is absolutely no fee or penalty. If you have prepaid your membership fee for the year, you will be reimbursed for the unused months.


Are you accepting new patients to the practice?

Yes, we currently have openings in our practice. However, space is limited in order to provide personalized care to each patient. Once the practice reaches capacity, families will be placed on a waitlist and notified when a spot becomes available.


Do you take insurance?

Pure Direct Pediatrics does not participate in any insurance plans. For those with insurance, our practice works well with PPOs. While we are unable to guarantee a specific reimbursement rate, PPOs typically allow ease with subspecialty referrals.


Can the doctor see my child for a one-time visit?

We do provide a single visit for lactation consultation services, and Dr. Husain is able to accomodate families who prefer a fee for service structure (or paying for each visit at the time of service) rather than the membership based pricing. Although the idea of DPC is built around a deep understanding of each child and a long-term view of their overall health, Dr. Husain understands that some families may choose an alternate pay structure on a case by case basis.


Do you offer house calls?

Yes. Schedule permitting, we are willing to see your child at your home for an additional charge. Note that for newborns, the first visit is done in your home for no additional charge.


Is there a geographic limit for house calls?

Yes. home visits are typically limited to 15 minutes within driving distance of the practice.


What services are not covered in the membership?

Membership does not cover vaccines.  Any out-of-office procedures (see aesthetic services below), labs, or medical services from other medical providers, such as specialist visits, are not covered under membership.  Instead, with the exception of aesthetic services, all of these use the family or patient's insurance. ER visits and inpatient hospitalizations are also not covered in membership and will be billed separately by those institutions. Medications and prescriptions are not included in membership fees either, but instead covered by the patient's insurance. 
If you do not have insurance, Dr. Husain will do her best to provide the most reasonable prices for her patients.


What aesthetic services are offered by Dr. Husain?

Dr. Husain offers aesthetic services for teen acne, including chemical peels and laser treatments for acne scars. She also provides a 10% discount on aesthetic services for her patients’ parents.


Do I still need insurance?

Yes, Pure Direct Pediatrics is not a substitute for your child’s health insurance. If you choose to come to our practice, you may benefit from choosing a different insurance plan. A PPO plan will allow us to coordinate your care best, and likely, you will not need referrals for specialists. HMO plans may refuse to pay for any services or prescriptions not ordered by an in-network physician. Please consult with a financial advisor or a representative of your insurance company to guide your plan choice.


What about expectant parents?

Call our office to set up a complimentary meet and greet with Dr. Husain to discuss the upcoming arrival of your newest family member! We can review our practice’s policies and answer any questions you have before joining and make sure to ask about our Newborn/Infant Care and Breastfeeding classes!


What is your position on vaccines?

We are advocates of vaccines, and we feel strongly that administering them based on the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended schedule is one of the most important preventative care measures that any physician can offer. Immunizations have saved more lives than any other medical advance. Dr. Husain is always willing to answer specific questions regarding vaccines that parents or caregivers may have.


Do you see newborns in the hospital?

Pure Direct Pediatrics does not currently participate in newborn hospital rounding. However, Dr. Husain is always more than willing to pay a social visit to her newest patients in the hospital! At Pure Direct, we are able to see you the day after hospital discharge in your home for an initial newborn check.


Are you willing to provide ‘virtual’ medical visits?

Yes. Practice members, when appropriate, can use photos, phone calls, and video calls to communicate with us. In many cases, questions can be answered and diagnoses can be made (or ruled out) without an office visit. This saves families time and hassle, and it is covered by your membership fee.


If my child is admitted to the hospital, will Dr. Husain care for him/her?

Yes and no. Children admitted to the hospital are taken care of by inpatient pediatric hospitalists who are experts in hospital-based care. However, Dr. Husain will work closely with the inpatient team to optimize the care your child receives while hospitalized.


What if my child gets sick when we are out of town?

Because the practice is small in size, Dr. Husain personally knows your child and their medical history very well. If appropriate, long-distance care, such as virtual visits and calling in prescriptions, can be utilized.


For more information about Pure Direct Pediatrics’ membership costs and inclusions, please contact us today.