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Coronavirus: Are Children Affected?

Dr. Amna Husain, board certified pediatrician and lactation consultant, on NJ News 12 discussing how COVID-19 affects children

Coronavirus: Do I need a face mask?

Dr. Amna Husain explains the difference between face masks, what an N-95 mask is used for, and if you need to be using masks during the coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus: Does it Affect Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women?

Dr. Amna Husain, board certified pediatrician, lactation consultant, and owner of Pure Direct Pediatrics discussing COVID-19 on NJ News 12

Questions about the Practice?

Listen to radio show Women in the Loop where Dr. Husain answers:

  • Why she chose to open a DPC practice for Monmouth county and the rest of NJ
  • How she chose to do home visits for patients
  • The age range of patients she's familiar with
  • Juggling mom life and business life
  • The hardest part about being a pediatrician
  • How to get in contact with her if you have any questions!

How to find the Right Pediatrician for your Family with Dr. Amna Husain.

Dr. Husain shares her wisdom for families who are either in the beginning steps looking for a pediatrician, have moved and need a new pediatrician, or just aren't happy with the doctor they currently have and want to know how they could find a better fit for their family. She shares what to look for, what questions to ask, red flags to watch out for, and why knowing your doctor's Hospital Affiliation matters.

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