Insight into DIrect Primary Care

Dr. Husain explains why she chose to open a direct primary care practice


The face of medicine has really changed in the last 50 years. Not just for patients, but also for physicians. For patients, it's hard for them to even get in to see the same doctor every time. And for physicians, with insurance companies dictating how many patients we see every day, it's really hard to spend time with your patients. And I know that that's why I went into medicine. And being a mother myself, I've realized that sometimes a 10 to 15 minute checkup is not even enough time to begin to scratch the surfaces of issues that you're concerned about with your child's health and development. And my goal, personally, as a children's physician and an infant care specialist, is to treat every child like my own. So we get back to what matters most. Restoring the concept of a medical home where you see the same doctor every time, who knows your child's needs and knows the family. And that's exactly what we bring to the table here at Pure Direct Pediatrics through innovative and holistic pediatric medical care.