The Membership Fee Explained

Learn how the membership fee encompasses many services to making your life easier!


One of the important benefits of the DPC model is it allows physicians to provide comprehensive pediatric care, integrated with a full range of personalized services through the monthly membership. Essentially we're putting the patient's health and wellness first. Who is this model for? It's for patients and families who are currently frustrated with the care they're receiving, whether that includes short, rushed appointment times, difficulty getting in to see your doctor, long times in the waiting room, difficulty getting in touch with the doctor's office or receiving any calls back, then you should consider DPC. The membership fee gives you access to a personalized pediatrician for your kids and the ability to talk and communicate directly with your child's pediatrician easily, as well as the convenience of having your child's care done at home or in the office. Whether you have great insurance or no insurance, the monthly fee encompasses many services that make your life easier and allow you to get your child's care when they need it.